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02 March 2007 @ 06:10 pm
Aw man, I just forgot about my LJ account XD. In fact, I have a new WordPress weblog (in french), plus i'm not really a "talkative about herself" person ^^; But maybe I will re-use this account for talking about Prince of Tennis stuff ^^
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05 April 2006 @ 06:09 pm
Argh, I can't wait anymore >____< I really really want to see the OVA from Prince of Tennis but I can't find any team which already had fansubbed it é_è. And I can't find any raws =/ Does anyone know where they are ? >o< I'm going to die.

I was really... frustrated by the end of the serie >_< So sad é_è Momo and Ryoma were so... huggable *o*. But now, there is no more episodes o_o and I need - NEED - more Prince of Tennis stuffs O_O - especially because all the episodes (ALL >_<) were on my external disk, which was broken by a stupid stupid stupid kid è_é - and so I'm waitng the OVA. I sucked almost all the doujinshis on the Internet, find a lot of artsites, a lot of avatars, ... But I want more, mooooorrre *o* So, I searched fanfictions =) And I think there's a lot of it on LiveJournal. If you are a "fanfiction artist", be sure I'll add you in my friends list ^_^

Anyway, I noticed that I forgot to say I like the Royal Pair too (so AtoRyo) ^^ But what's the Thrill Pair ? Choutarou X Shishido ? Wonder =x From Hyotei, I prefer OshiAto =D *love*
03 April 2006 @ 03:27 pm
I never know how to begin a text, so I'll just say "hello" =).

It's my first LiveJournal. I made it just for talking a little about myself =D, for making new friends, but especially for speaking with another fans of my favorite anime : Prince of Tennis *o* And I know there a lot of fans, because it's just a great anime with a lot of bishies ^o^

So, a little "PoT" presentation ^^ :

nickname : Morgan
dob : 13/01/1986
gender : female
zodiacal sign : capricorn
nationality : belgium. I speak french, but I want to improve my english ^^; Sorry for futures mistakes :]
homepage : http://manga.opus-hosting.com/

bloodtype : don't know
height : ~170 cm
favorite characters : Echizen Ryoma / Atobe Keigo / Oshitari Yuushi (I just *love* his voice)
favorite school : Hyotei ! I fell in love with their uniforms *o*
favorite pairings : MomoRyo, FujiRyo, OshiAto and the cute TezuRyo, even if I don't really like Tezuka
favorite quote : Mada mada dane ^^ and Zannen munen matta raishuu
favorite doujinshi : woaw... I like "Crescendo" and "Pink Motel" for some reason. Also "The sky coming down on you" and "Gainer" for the beautiful drawings
favorite circle : hmm... Jet Monster maybe (hot InuKai ^^)... and Private Label

I stop here for today. I must search more doujinshis *o* And I must familiarize myself with LJ ^^

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